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ACTU: Arts for the Community at Thomas 大学

Arts for the Community (ACTU)

ACTU将澳门受权博彩网站员工和学生的天赋和精力(第一幕)与社区成员的天赋和精力(第二幕)结合起来,为社区提供优秀的艺术活动. 基于这个原因,我们将这个组织命名为ACTU:澳门受权博彩网站社区艺术.

ACTU programs include:

+Art Talks at Six

简短,虚拟的艺术史讲座/讨论和嘉宾艺术家采访主持人里奇·柯蒂斯. (www.脸谱网.com/actu31792)

+Fridays at Noon

ACTU的 Fridays at Noon offers lunch-time concerts that feature regional and national performing artists. 

Ayonna Charese and Chris Seepersaud

September 22, 2023
Thomas County 公共 Library

Ayonna Charese is a powerful and versatile vocalist, and Chris Seepersaud is an engaging guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and 老师. Together they present their Soul and R&B风格的特点是折衷的混合老歌,民歌,乡村歌曲,流行歌曲,R&B、爵士乐.

Duo Arpeggione

October 20, 2023
Thomasville First Church

Duo Arpeggione features renowned cellist Claudio Jaffé, 他被《澳门受权博彩网站》誉为“优雅而有成就的艺术家”,也是一位钢琴家. Catherine Lan, 她在迈阿密大学获得音乐艺术博士学位,目前在布劳沃德学院任教,并担任罗斯玛丽·达菲·拉尔森古典系列的联合艺术总监.

Bish-Thomas-De Cock Trio

November 17, 2023
First Missionary Baptist Church

Bish-Thomas-De Cock三重奏以FSU音乐学院的单簧管三重奏为特色,与单簧管演奏家和获奖教师Dr. Deborah Bish; violinist, chamber musician, soloist, and recitalist Dr. Shannon Thomas, and internationally renowned pianist Dr. Stijn De Cock.

Carla Connors and Timothy Hoekman

February 23, 2024
Thomasville First Church

Dr. Carla Connors is acclaimed as “a fresh, steady lyric soprano” by The New York Times and “a radiant voice, and an equally radiant manner” by the Grand Rapids Press. Her husband, Dr. Timothy Hoekman, 是佛罗里达州立大学声乐指导与伴奏的退休教授, and is a highly experienced performer, 老师, and distinguished composer.

Kevin Jones and Bill Peterson

March 22, 2024
First Missionary Baptist Church

Dr. Kevin Jones is Associate Professor of Jazz Trombone, 比尔·彼得森是佛罗里达州立大学音乐学院爵士研究和音乐理论/作曲教授. Their duo album “Singularity” was released by Centaur Records in 2021, 他们都曾与众多爵士乐和商业艺术家合作过.

Southern Twang

April 19, 2024
Thomas County 公共 Library

Southern Twang is an old-time string band from Tallahassee, 佛罗里达州的乐队在整个东南部演出,以激烈的小提琴曲调和有趣的能量而闻名! The trio consists of award-winning fiddler Aisha Ivey, clawhammer banjo player Pam Monfore, and string bassist Ray Monfore.

+Georgia Poetry Circuit

Founded at Mercer 大学 in 1985, 乔治亚州诗歌巡回赛是一个由乔治亚州10所学院和大学组成的联盟,每年将三位在国内和国际上享有盛誉的诗人带到所有成员校园. 这为乔治亚州的居民提供了接触文学艺术的重要途径.

At each school, each circuit poet gives a free and open reading of his/her work. 来访的诗人还会在每个校区与创意写作学生见面,参加研讨会, talks or extended question-and-answer sessions. In addition to the opportunity to hear work from diverse writers, 巡回活动为乔治亚州的学生提供了与美国当代优秀诗人互动的宝贵澳门网络博彩网站机会.

CM Burroughs

CM Burroughs

Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2023 12:30 p.m.
Flowers Foods Executive Classroom, TU’s Smith-Bonvillian Hall

CM Burroughs是芝加哥哥伦比亚大学创意写作副教授,也是《澳门网络博彩网站》(The Vital System)一书的作者, 2012) and Master Suffering (Tupelo, 2021), which was longlisted for the National Book Award, and a finalist for the Lambda Book Award and LA Times Book Award. Burroughs’ poetry has appeared in journals and anthologies including Poetry, Ploughshares, Cave Canem’s Gathering Ground, and Best American Experimental Writing. Burroughs has been awarded fellowships and grants from Yaddo, 麦道维尔, Djerassi Foundation, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and Cave Canem Foundation.

Patrick Rosal

Patrick Rosal

星期二,2月. 20, 2024 12:30 p.m.
Flowers Foods Executive Classroom, TU’s Smith-Bonvillian Hall

帕特里克·罗萨尔是一位跨学科艺术家,著有五本长篇诗集,包括《澳门受权博彩网站》,” which was listed among the best books of 2021 by The Boston Globe, 他还获得了美国诗歌协会的威廉·卡洛斯·威廉姆斯图书奖. He has received fellowships from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Fulbright Research Scholar program, and the Civitella Ranieri Residency. His writing and visual work has been published in The New York Times, 这个国家, e-flux, Best American Poetry and many other journals and magazines. He has taught at Bloomfield College, the 大学 of Texas at Austin, Princeton 大学, 他是罗格斯-卡姆登大学全球种族正义研究所的首任校园联合主任, where he is a Professor of English. A winner of the Lenore Marshall Prize from the Academy of American Poets, 二十多年来,他以诗人和音乐家的身份在世界各地演出.



Monday, April 8, 2024 12:30 p.m.
Flowers Foods Executive Classroom, TU’s Smith-Bonvillian Hall

陈陈’s second book of poetry, Your Emergency Contact Has Experienced an Emergency, is out now from BOA Editions and Bloodaxe Books (UK). 他的首次亮相, 《澳门网络博彩网站》被列入国家图书奖的候选名单,并获得了托姆·冈恩奖, among other honors. Chen is also the author of five chapbooks, including the forthcoming Explodingly Yours (Ghost City Press, 2023), and the forthcoming book of craft essays, In Cahoots with the Rabbit God (Noemi Press, 2024). His work appears in many publications, and he has received two Pushcart Prizes and fellowships from Kundiman, the National Endowment for the Arts, and United States Artists. He holds an MFA from Syracuse 大学 and a PhD from Texas Tech 大学. 他曾任教于马萨诸塞大学波士顿分校的艺术硕士课程,并在布兰代斯大学担任2018-2022年雅各布·齐斯金德驻校诗人. 目前,他是新英格兰学院和斯通海岸大学低住院率艺术硕士项目的核心诗歌教师.

+Jazz Ensemble

澳门受权博彩网站爵士乐团在托马斯维尔的各种社区活动中表演, Tallahassee and throughout the region. Visit the ACTU Facebook page for performance dates, venues and updates.

+Sundays at Four

October 8, 2023

Chamber Music

Boston 事件 Center

带上你的家人和我们一起参加我们的年度室内乐音乐会,在一个特殊的地方有一个弦乐器宠物动物园, and a limited number of recorder flutes to try and even take home with you.


November 12, 2023

American Music

Trinity Anglican Church



December 10, 2023

Community Cantata Choir

The First Church

Local choirs, choir members, 在蒂姆·派克的指导下,歌手们将联手演奏莫扎特的《澳门受权博彩网站》.


January 21, 2024

January Jazz


澳门受权博彩网站爵士乐团将演奏各种传统和现代爵士乐以及拉丁爵士乐, 融合, and popular music selections.


February 11, 2024

Musical Valentines

St. Thomas Episcopal Church



March 3, 2024

Thomasville Performing Arts Concert and Scholarship

Thomasville Center for the Arts

庆祝托马斯和格雷迪县的年轻音乐家,因为他们的表演获得高达1美元,000 in scholarships, sponsored in partnership by Thomas 大学, Thomasville Entertainment Foundation and Thomasville Center for the Arts.


April 14, 2024

Community Cantata Choir

Thomasville First Church

Local choirs, choir members, and singers join forces under the direction of Tim Peck for this spring program.

+阿里阿德涅 Magazine

April 18, 2024

6 pm

阿里阿德涅 Virtual Release Party

阿里阿德涅 is Thomas 大学’s student-run Literary Arts Journal. Founded in 2010 by Sandra Simonds as The Night Hawk Review, the journal transitioned online in the Spring of 2021.


作为ACTU节目的一部分,TU剧院每年都有免费演出.  Productions include staged readings, 现场工作, and short classroom presentations in the fall, and a one-act play in the spring.

Peggy Brady has been practicing theatre for the past 30 years as a Director, Educator and Playwright and looks forward to learning more from her students, actors and colleagues as the practice goes on. 她一直从事从商业到高等澳门网络博彩网站的各种戏剧指导和教学工作, community to K-12 schools. As a playwright, 她在世界各地有12部戏剧正在制作中,另有3部新片仍在酝酿中. 她最近刚刚结束了长达25年的专业剧团巡演,该剧团在全国和加拿大巡回演出,通过音乐喜剧让人们嘲笑我们这个疯狂的世界. A passionate advocate for the arts, 佩吉曾担任塔拉哈西文化艺术委员会(COCA)的执行主任,多年来一直带来艺术家, arts educators and arts organizations together to build a stronger community.

Join us as a Partner in the Arts!

我们希望你能加入我们,成为我们的艺术伙伴,因为我们不能没有“你”。.  You are bringing great artists to the Thomasville community.  通过社区的努力,我们的节目范围得到了扩展.  请考虑成为我们的合作伙伴,并加入一个在托马斯维尔地区有所作为的社区.

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


ACTU Live Performances

ACTU will live stream performances throughout the season. You can view them here at their scheduled dates and times.

Watch ACTU Live on Facebook.

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